2350 Litre Plastic Bunded Diesel Dispenser - Deso V2350CDD

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Deso 2350 Litre Bunded Diesel Tank

This V2350CDD Plastic Bunded Diesel Dispensing Tank from Deso gives the user a diesel delivery system similar to forecourts. Each Deso 2350 Litre Diesel Dispensensing Tank comes complete with an Electric Pump (230V), 4 metres of Delivery Hose, Water and Particulate Filter and an Auto Shut Off Nozzle. All of the pumping equipment is contained within the lockable cabinet for security. With a 2350 litre capacity this Deso V2350CDD Fuel Point has a 10 year guarantee on the bunded diesel tank and 1 year guarantee on pump. 

Standard Fuel Point Delivered complete with:
  • 230 Volt Pump - (c/w 3 Pin "Caravan Style" Plug & 1.8 m power cable) or can be hardwired
  • 56 Litres a Minute Flow Rate - (Most forecourts deliver fuel at around 30 Litres a minute)
  • Hydrosorb 10 Micron Water/Particulate Filter
  • 4 Metres of Delivery Hose 
  • Automatic Shut Off Nozzle - When the vehicle being filled is full the nozzle cuts off supply so you can´t overfill.
  • Lockable Cabinet to store all equipment - Complies with UK Storage Regulations

Tank Dimensions:
Diameter: 1700mm
Height: 1815mm
Weight: 180kg
Brim-full Capacity: 2350 litres

Each tank is visually inspected for quality and tested with compressed air to ensure tank is air tight before it leaves the factory.

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