Harlequin Hydroclear 12 Person Sewage Treatment Plant - HC12

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The Harlequin Hydroclear 12 Person Sewage Treatment Plant is the market leader with pollutant removal level of 96.6%. Wastewater from toilets, showers, kitchens etc is fed directly into the treatment plant, and out the other end comes clarified effluent suitable to be discharged into a soakaway or stream. Market-leading performance, easy installation, virtually inaudible operation, low maintenance costs, reliable bio media system and durability are all qualities that make the product best suited for all off-mains sewage treatment requirements. 

As standard the Hydroclear HC12 comes as a Gravity Discharge System, if required this can be upgraded to a Pumped Discharge System.


  • Compliant with EN-12566 part 3
  • Population Served: 7 to 12
  • Max. Hydraulic Load: 2400 litres /day
  • Organic Load: 720g BODs/day
  • Total Capacity: 6360 Litres
  • Length: 3615mm
  • Width: 1620mm
  • Height: 2140mm
  • Empty Plant Weight: 600kg
  • Energy Usage: 2.5kWh/day
  • Service Interval: Up to 24 months depending on the number of inhabitants
  • Inlet Depth: 750mm (can be increased with the use of risers)
  • Outlet Depth: 1140mm
  • Installation Depth: 2560m
  • Requires 230V, 105W Power Supply


  • Invert Depth (can be increased by adding risers)
  • Outlet: Gravity as Standard, Pumped available 
  • Air Blower Function Alarm (mains powered): To alert you if the air blower fails. The air blower helps to keep the plant running efficiently

Extra Information Downloads
HC12 Specification Sheet
HC12 Drawing
Hydroclear Installation & Operating Instructions (HC12-HC50)
Harlequin Waste Water Sales Brochure

Key Benefits of the Harlequin Hydroclear HC12

Virtually Inaudible – High performance diaphragm blowers are used and externally housed achieving a virtually silent operation.
Odourless – The system is hermetically sealed, coupled with a market leading treatment performance eliminates odour.
MBBR Technology – Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) systems are self-cleaning and unable to become blocked through channelling unlike most fixed film media systems.
Market leading performance – Producing an excellent 96.6% pollutant removal level, the final effluent can be directly discharged into a stream or soakaway.
Low Maintenance Costs – Chamber one capacity is as much as 66% larger than other plants, making desludging intervals up to three times longer saving the owner significant costs.
Power Failure Default – The system keeps performing as a septic tank in the event of a power failure.

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