10000 Litre GRAF PLATIN XL Direct Underground Rainwater Harvesting System (Home & Garden)

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The Graf Platin Direct system is designed to supply water to both the home and garden, supplying WC’s, washing machines, irrigation and for outside cleaning purposes.

Rainwater is collected from the roof of the property and is fed into the 10,000 litre shallow dig underground rainwater tank via the downpipes. On entry to the tank, the water passes through a filter, to prevent any debris going into the tank. With this system, mains water is supplied to the underground tank when the rainwater level is low (via the mains water back-up unit).  Therefore as long as there is mains water your tank will not run dry! The operation of this unit is controlled via a float switch.

There is also a pressure-sensitive pump located within the underground tank. When a valve or tap is opened, water will be pumped under pressure until the valve is closed, allowing for the system to repressurise turning the power off to the pump.

  • Simple & quick to install
  • The submersible pump supplies harvested rainwater on-demand to WCs, washing machines & external tap
  • Mains water back-up unit tops up the water level in the Platin tank when rainwater levels are low to guarantee continued water supply
  • The quiet & conveniently sized mains water back-up unit will fit in a kitchen or utility cupboard for very low visual impact
  • Innovative float sensor detection on the mains water back-up unit ensures that the underground tank is kept supplied with mains water but only the amount necessary to maintain supply to toilets and washing machines, leaving as much volume as possible in the tank to collect rainwater when available


  • GRAF PLATIN XL 10,000 Litres flat plastic tank (shallow dig)
  • Telescopic dome shaft, with PE-lid (for pedestrian loading)
  • Optional vehicle loading lid (if ordered with optional lid)
  • Maxi tank dome, DN150 pipe connections
  • PLATIN tank dome plug
  • Filter Package: Universal filter 3 XL internal – DN150
  • Pump Package: Home Direct
  • 25m roll of rainwater harvesting pipe (25mm with fittings)
  • Submersible pump with floating water intake
  • Mains water back-up unit
  • Float Sensor (connected from mains back-up unit to the underground tank)
  • 15 Year Warranty on Tank
  • 2 Year Warranty on Parts

    To be Supplied by Others:

    • 100mm diameter duct pipe to contain; float sensor cable, power cable for pump, also bringing mains water to underground tank as and when required
    • 100mm diameter drainage pipe connected from downpipes to the inlet at the top of the tank (all downpipes brought into one pipe for connection to the filter)
    • 100mm diameter pipe for overflow from the tank to mains drainage network or soakaway

        Tank Dimensions:

        Common Applications:

        • Flushing Toilets
        • Washing Machines
        • Garden Irrigation
        • Cleaning cars
        • Washing windows
        • Power washing drive/patio
        • Outside tap and hose

        Watch the Graf Installation Video

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