Graf Platin 10000 Litre Underground Flat Tank Rainwater Harvesting System - Eco-Plus

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The Eco-Plus system is designed to support WC’s, washing machines, irrigation and outside cleaning purposes. Rainwater is collected from the roof of the property and is fed into the 10000 litre shallow dig underground tank via the downpipes. On entry to the tank, the water passes through a filter, to prevent any debris going into the tank. With this system, there is a pump/control unit within the property. Water is drawn from the underground tank and pumped to the required location on demand. This unit primarily works on rainwater, and changes over to mains water when the rainwater in the underground tank reaches a low level. There is a mains water cistern located under the wall mounted pump. Mains water is taken from the cistern until the rainwater in the underground tank is replenished. As mains water is not being used to top up the underground tank, this means we maximise the amount of rainwater which can be collected. This operation is controlled via a float switch located in the underground tank.

Eco Plus Package Brochure


  • 10000 Litres plastic flat tank - Shallow Dig
  • Telescopic dome shaft, with PE-lid (for pedestrian loading)
  • Suitable for vehicle loading (if ordered with optional cast iron lid)
  • Minimax-Pro Internal Self Cleaning Filter
  • Calmed Inlet
  • Spannfix Pipe Connection Sleeve
  • Overflow siphon with integrated rodent guard
  • KSB-Superinox 15/4 Water Pump
  • Internal & external hose connection box
  • Floating suction set with fine filter and hose 
  • Drinking water feed console
  • DN 100 (4") wall duct
  • Labelling set
  • PE suction pipe 25mm (1"), 12m length
  • 15 Year Warranty on Tank

    Tank Dimensions:

    Common Applications:

    • Flushing Toilets
    • Washing Machines
    • Garden Irrigation
    • Cleaning cars
    • Washing windows
    • Power washing drive/patio
    • Outside tap and hose

    Watch the Graf Installation Video

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