5000 Litre GRAF PLATIN AA-Silento Underground Rainwater Harvesting System

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Discover the efficiency of rainwater collection with the 5000 litre Platin AA Silentio Rainwater Harvesting System. Brought to you by Graf, the European market leader in rainwater harvesting, this package is an eco-friendly solution for your non-potable water requirements. It features award-winning internal filter technology and is constructed from 100% recycled plastic. The unique design allows for easy backfill with gravel instead of concrete. Plus, enjoy peace of mind regarding water regulations with our external pump unit that incorporates a Family A Type A air gap.

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Third Generation Technology

The AA-Silentio offers third generation advanced technology.

Micro-processor-controlled management system for the rainwater harvesting system.

Control panel shows rainwater levels in the tank.

When the level in the tank reaches a set low level it automatically switches over to mains water back up via a 3-way valve & cistern setup.

The system will automatically switch back to rainwater supply from the underground tank when the rainwater level in the tank reaches the set level.

Automatic timed jet washing of filter.


Step into the future of sustainable living with the Platin AA Silentio Rainwater Harvesting System, a pinnacle of innovation from GRAF, the European market leader.

This advanced system is designed to fulfil your non-potable water household needs, from toilets and washing machines to garden irrigation and outdoor cleaning.

Platin AA-Silento Tank Data Sheet

Platin AA-Silento Schmatic

AA-Silento Inatalltion Manual

How It Works:

  • Rainwater Collection:Rainwater is efficiently captured from your roof, travelling through downpipes to the underground tank.
  • Advanced Filtration:As the water enters the tank, it passes through an award-winning filter, ensuring debris-free storage.
  • Efficient Water Management:The system includes a pump and control unit within your property that smartly draws water from the tank on demand.
  • Mains Water Integration:When rainwater levels are low, the system seamlessly switches to mains water, stored in a cistern under the pump, ensuring uninterrupted water supply.
  • Maximised Rainwater Usage:The unique design prevents mains water from topping up the underground tank, maximising rainwater harvesting.
  • Digital Level Indicator:A digital indicator in the tank ensures precise monitoring and control of water levels.

Why Choose the AA Silentio Rainwater Harvesting System?

  • Eco-Friendly Materials:The underground tank is made of 100% recycled plastic, reflecting a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Innovative Pump Design:Plus, enjoy peace of mind regarding water regulations with our external pump unit that incorporates a Family A Type A air gap.
  • Installation Ease:The use of gravel for backfilling instead of concrete simplifies the installation process.
  • Delivery Services:Enjoy the convenience of free UK mainland delivery.

Included is the PLATIN/CARAT telescopic dome shaft Mini Green with a PE lid for pedestrian areas and an option for a vehicle loading lid for vehicle-loaded areas.

Embrace the PLATIN/CARAT AA Silentio System for a smarter, greener approach to water usage in your home. Images are for illustrative purposes only; there is a possibility that certain products may have been upgraded or replaced with equivalent alternatives.

  1. Underground tank (choice of tanks available, sizes vary according to property type)
  2. Telescopic lid (choice of telescopic lid available, depending on tank location)
  3. Filter (Minimax filter supplied in accordance with the type of tank)
  4. Floating water intake
  5. AA Silentio unit
  6. Float sensor (connected from Silentio unit to the underground tank)
  7. Reversible flow filter

Supplied by Others

  1. 100mm diameter duct pipe to contain; float sensor cable, power cable for the pump, also bringing mains water to underground tank as and when required
  2. 100mm diameter drainage pipe connected from downpipes to the inlet at the top of the tank (all downpipes brought into one pipe for connection to the filter)
  3. 100mm diameter pipe for overflow from the tank to mains drainage network or soakaway


  • Simple & quick to install
  • The AA Silentio is a wall-mounted pump that supplies harvested rainwater on-demand to WCs, washing machines & any external taps
  • The black cistern at the top of the AA Silentio is filled with mains water. The water is drawn from this cistern when the rainwater in the Platin tank is low. This gives the system mains water backup.
  • Innovative float sensor detection on the AA Silentio unit ensures that the household is constantly supplying water to the property but only the amount necessary.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the AA Silentio is straightforward as the pump is located above ground where it can be easily accessed.
  • A reversible flow filter is included in the AA Silentio package, this filter gives the system another level of filtration.
  • The water level reader inside the underground tank relays an accurate reading of the amount of rainwater left in the tank.
  • AA Silentio package comes with a jet wash feature for the filter inside the tank which periodically removes any debris on the filter.

Images are for illustrative purposes only, there is a possibility that certain products may have been upgraded or replaced with equivalent alternatives.

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