Rainwater Harvesting System - Home and Garden Direct Pressure

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The Direct Pressure Rainwater Harvesting System is a popular and cost-effective system for both garden and household applications, such as flushing toilets, washing down machinery and garden irrigation.  Pressurised water is sent directly from your external water tank to the application.  If the water level gets too low, the top-up controller will top-up the tank with mains water so the tank doesn't empty.

Please note: the tank is NOT included.


  • Stainless steel submersible water pump, with combined float switch to protect against running dry 
  • Rodent Guard - prevents rodents and large debris from entering the tank via the overflow
  • Patronen Filter - self cleaning stainless steel mesh filter cartridge within plastic housing 
  • Pump Turret - flexible pump to access port connection 
  • Calmed Inlet - removes the kinetic energy form the water as it flows into the tank, preventing it from stirring up the tank contents
  • Pump Lifting Chain - attached to the pump this allows the pump to be lifted out of the tank for servicing and maintenance
  • Floating Intake - ensures that only the clean water passes through the system (not water from the bottom or top of the tank)
  • Top-Up Controller - kit to automatically top up the tanks water level so the tank never runs out of water

Common Applications:

  • Garden Irrigation
  • Cleaning cars
  • Washing windows
  • Power washing drive/patio
  • Outside tap and hose
  • Flushing toilets
  • Drinking water (if the tank is potable)
  • Washing machines

For similar, more simple rainwater harvesting system see the Garden Premium or Garden Economy systems

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