Rainwater Harvesting System - 1275 Litre

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Our Rainwater Harvesting System is the complete package. The Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting System allows the user to collect rainwater from the gutters on your house/building and store it in the 1275 litre water butt, then when you need to use this rainwater it is pumped to the tap in the rainwater harvesting pipe, all supplied in this package. This System has a 1275 Litre Water Butt, 25 metres of Rainwater Harvesting Pipe, a Brass Tap, a Guttermate Rainwater Diverter and a 230 Volt Auto Start/Stop Electric Pump. Our Complete Rainwater Harvesting System is easy to install and the saved water can be used to water the garden, wash cars or fill your ponds and save on your water bill.

There is a choice of colours for the 1275 litre MDPE water butt, Black, Green Marble and Millstone Grit

Standard Features:

  • 1275 litre MDPE Water Butt 
  • 25m of 25mm Rainwater Harvesting Pipe
  • ¾" Brass Tap
  • GutterMate (Rainwater Diverter)
  • 230 Volt Rainwater Pump
  • 25mm Hose Connection
Tank Dimensions:
  • Length: 1130mm
  • Width: 695mm
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Capacity: 1275 litres
  • Weight: 70kg

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