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The IBC Tilting Stand maximises the dispensing of your IBC. It requires no power and will work without any monitoring to tilt the container. As an IBC empties it is difficult to remove the final few litres of liquid as pressure at the outlet decreases. This can lead to manual lifting and other unsafe practices like using a makeshift lever to unsafely lift the back edge of the container.

The IBC Tipper ensures safety by automatically adjusting the angle of the IBC as the liquid empties, ensuring that maximum liquid drains and health and safety practices are upheld.

Save money and the environment. Use all of the liquid in your container.
Often, the liquids in IBCs can be expensive and any loss costly. By using an IBC Tilting Stand you can ensure minimum wastage.

Disposal of leftover liquids is often problematic, and by making full use of the content of an IBC, adverse environmental effects can be avoided

A standard IBC Tipper is produced by hand to the highest standards, in steel. For greater durability we can offer painted, powder coated or galvanised finishes.

A stainless IBC Tipper may be more appropriate if being used for food or drink, or pharmaceuticals, where hygeine is important.


  • Natural Mild Steel Finish
  • 1000 Litre Capacity
  • Standard 5 Degree Tilt
  • Length: 1050mm approx
  • Width: 1210mm approx
  • Weight: 45kg approx

Optional Extras:

  • Galvanised, Stainlees Steel and Painted Finishes
  • Optional Tilt Angle Increase to 8 Degrees or 10 Degrees
  • Swivel castors with brakes allow the tipper to act as a trolley.
  • 150mm Legs & Fork Lift Attachment
  • A stand can raise the outlet to a specific height for dispensing, please enquire with height required.
  • A bund tank can ensure any spillage is contained.

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