Terracotta Effect Garden Water Butt - Helena 300 Litre Water Butt

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The 3P Technik 300 Litre Terracotta effect water butt. The Helena's amphora design brings a touch of ancient Greece to your garden. This rainwater harvesting water butt is realistically modelled on a large Grecian amphora style clay pot and gives the appearance of a real terracotta pot.

This 300 litre water butt is made of UV protected polyethylene. So much lighter to manouvre than terracotta The surface of the Helena has marvelously detailed surfaces, with colour variations across the surface to give this decorative terracotta effect water butt an antique look. It is a 2-sided water-butt with one side having a more heavily distressed surface than the other, giving a really impressive weathered effect. Each side of the water-butt, though, has a ¾ brass threaded port for use with supplied tap so it may be positioned either way round.

A truely decorative water butt. It really creates an impact and adds a real element of the mediteranean to your garden.

The removable, child-proof lid is secured by a supplied security screw for that extra piece of mind.

An additional option (at an additional cost) for this product is the 3P Downpipe Rainwater Diverter with Link Kit. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your downpipe and filter any debris before transferring the water into the tank, available in 4 colours to match your downpipe.


  • Height : 120cm 
  • Diameter: Max 78cm - Base 45cm
  • 2 x 3/4" BSP Brass Thread approx 30cm from Bottom for Watering Can Use
  • 1 x 3/4" BSP Threaded Ports Near Base For Draining Down or Joining
  • 1 X 3/4" BSP Brass Tap
  • Wall Fixing Bracket and Screws

Optional Extras:

  • Downpipe Rainwater Diverter with Link Kit (see additional images for colours) 

    Please note – to minimise the risk of any damage, during periods of frost the manufacturers advise that the water butt should be drained completely and disconnected from any rainwater supply. 

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