Harlequin 9250 Litre Diesel Dispenser with Fuel Management - 9250FS

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This High Specification Plastic Bunded Diesel or HVO Dispensing Tank from Harlequin with built in Tecalemit HDA Fuel Management System gives the user a diesel and HVO delivery system similar to forecourts. Each Diesel or HVO Tank comes complete with an Electric Pump (240 volt as standard; 12 volt, 24 volt and 110V options are available if required), 6 metres of Delivery Hose and an Auto Shut Off Nozzle. The Fuel Station range (FS) also come with Water and Particulate Filter, Bulk Head Light (on 240V models only) and an Hydrostatic Contents Gauge with in-cabinet digital display. All of the pumping equipment is contained within the lockable cabinet for security. With a 9250 litre capacity this Harlequin 9250FS bunded diesel tank has a 10 year guarantee, 1 year guarantee on pump. 

Delivered complete with:
  • Tecalemit HDA Fuel Management System on 240 Volt ONLY - Protects from unauthorised usage, Can be used with PIN &/or Tags, Suitable for up to 2000 drivers or vehicles, Records driver, vehicle, date, time, quantity, odometer, Windows based software, Stores 10,000 most recent transactions
  • 240 Volt Pump - Connect straight to mains by plug or can be hardwired
  • 56 Litres per Minute Flow Rate Standard (72 lpm upgrade available)
  • 6 Metres of Delivery Hose
  • Automatic Shut Off Nozzle - When the vehicle being filled is full the nozzle cuts off supply so you can´t overfill
  • Lockable Cabinet to store all equipment - Complies with UK Storage Regulations
  • Ocio Tank Level Monitor
  • 10 Micron Water and Particulate Filter - A Filter fitted inside the cabinet to remove dirt and water from fuel
  • Bulkhead Light - Light fitted inside of cabinet on 240 Volt models only

Tank Dimensions:
Length: 3140mm
Width: 2510mm
Height: 2820mm
Weight: 600kg
Brim-full Capacity: 9255 litres

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) biodiesel is produced from 100% renewable resources and is an excellent, environmentally friendly biofuel.

Existing diesel engines do not require modification to use it. You can even top up a tank already containing mineral diesel with HVO as the two liquids mix together without any problems.

    Harlequin Manufacturing have been making these bunded diesel tanks for over 20 years so they have a proven track record. Harlequin are market leaders but still offering excellent value.
    Each tank is visually inspected for quality and tested with compressed air to ensure tank is air tight before it leaves the factory.

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