Harlequin 7500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - 7500ITE

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Harlequin 7500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank - Harlequin 7500ITE.  
This Plastic Bunded Oil Tank from Harlequin is ideal for commercial installations. With a 7500 litre capacity this bunded tank has a 10 year warranty. The 7500ITE comes with Apollo Electronic Gauge, LRC Overfill Prevention Valve and Bottom Outlet Fitting Kit.
Harlequin Manufacturing have been making these bunded oil tanks for over 20 years so they have a proven track record and are viewed as the market leaders but still the best value around.
Each tank is visually inspected for quality and tested with compressed air to ensure tank is air tight before it leaves the factory.

Delivered complete with:

  • Apollo Standard Ultrasonic Contents Gauge ( Electronic Oil Level Monitor)
  • LRC Overfill Prevention Valve (valve fitted inside tank to make sure it cannot be overfilled)
  • Bottom Outlet Fitting kit (everything you need to connect tank to pipework)
  • Bund Monitor (monitors the bund to detect any leak and will sound alarm)
  • 2" Fill Point (standard for fuel delivery lorries to fix to)
  • 4" Inspection point (for you to view contents of tank)
  • Vent (tank to bund vent for gases to escape)
  • 33mm Drilled and Plugged Gauge Hole (to fit Apollo electronic contents gauge if needed)
  • 1" BSP Bottom Outlet (industry standard to fit a bottom outlet fitting kit to your pipework)
  • Lockable Lid (secure cover to lock away access to fittings)
  • Bunded Tank (outer tank holds a minimum of 110% of inner holding tank)
  • OFCERT License no: 0644121703

Tank Dimensions:
Length: 3155mm
Width: 2305mm
Height: 3020mm
Weight: 505kg
Brim-full Capacity: 7697 litres

Installation Requirements:
Cement Base Length: 3755mm
Cement Base Width: 2905mm

Further Information Downloads 
7500ITE Drawing
7500ITE Specification Sheet

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