Atlantis 6800 Litre Underground Rainwater Harvesting System - Garden Irrigation

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This Atlantis 6800 Litre Underground Water Storage Tank is suitable for Non Potable water collection. The tank is supplied complete with submersible 230 volt electric pump, rodent guard, pump turret and filter system. This complete system is designed to be used to collect rainwater and then feed this rainwater to a garden tap, when the tap is turned on the pump in the tank is turned on automatically, the pump also has a run dry safety cut off. This robust water storage tank is manufactured in the UK and is moulded from Polyethylene using a rotational moulding process which produces a stress-free product.  Furthermore, there are many design features that make this tank stand out.  The high strength ribbed design allows for environmentally friendly pea-gravel back-fills which as a result eliminates the need for the high costs and difficulties of encasing a tank in concrete.  The shallow-dig depth also makes it easier to install and maintain, as well as being ideal for areas with a high water table (certain installations may require further advice and an alternative installation method).  The curved design allows more efficiency when using submersible pumps as it enables all the water, even from the bottom of the tank to be pumped out.

Tank Specifications:

  • Capacity: 6800 Litre 
  • Shallow dig design
  • Ribbed & curved design providing strength and efficiency 
  • 600mm access point
  • Height: 1725mm
  • Length: 3420mm
  • Width: 2700mm
  • Weight: 360kg
  • 10 Year Warranty, warranty manual supplied with tank

Rainwater Harvesting System Specification:

  • GXRM Stainless steel submersible pump 230 volt - The GXRM is a stainless steel, submersible water pump, it can sit on the bottom of a level tank and has enough power to service most garden-based water needs such as hoses and irrigation
  • Rodent Guard - prevents rodents and large debris from entering the tank via the overflow
  • Patronen Filter - The PF filter is designed with a level drop, this along with its very smooth surface structure allows excess direct to be rinsed straight through into the sewer or overflow.  The filter cartridge mesh is stainless steel within plastic housing and is self-cleaning, though regular inspection is recommended
  • The 140 pump turret is a flexible plastic connection between the pump and access port allowing smooth flow of the pumped water out towards the application

Optional Extras:

  • Telescopic Neck - this can be placed on top of the existing turret on the tank to provide an extra 300mm – 800mm of depth if required
  • Pedestrian Lid Cover - this lid is suitable for pedestrian use only, potable and non potable versions
  • Vehicle Lid Cover - this lid is suitable for vehicle use
  • Calmed Inlet Drainage Pack - this is designed to filter incoming water and helps prevent it from becoming stained and odorous
  • 110mm Back-flow-Non Return Valve - this is to stop flood back-flow into the tank

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