Apollo Standard Ultrasonic Tank Gauge

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Apollo Standard Ultrasonic Tank Level Gauge.

Once fitted the Apollo Standard Ultrasonic Tank Gauge will give a constant fuel level displayed in easy to read graduations of useable fuel on a conveniently located LCD display.

The Apollo Standard Ultrasonic comes with two parts, firstly a tank mounted ultrasonic transmitter compatible with most modern plastic fuel storage tanks that have a 32mm port usually fitted to the tank. The second part is receiver plug that can be plugged into an electric socket up to 200m away from the tank, 200 metres is the maximum distance and every building, wall or obstruction between the transmitter and receiver will reduce this distance.
The tank transmitter frequently checks the level in the tank and transmits this to a plug-in receiver unit which displays the level on the easy to read LCD screen.

Quick & Easy installation with no specialist tools required, supplied with easy to follow step by step instructions
Retro fit to new and existing tanks, steel or plastic, single skinned or bunded up to 3m in depth

To fit to a steel tank the optional Steel Tank Adaptor is required.

Product Features

  • Wireless
  • Constant Fuel Level Displayed
  • Receiver Can Be Placed Up To 200m Away From The Tank
  • Built-in Visual and Audible Low Level Alarms
  • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Long Life Lithium Battery in Tank Transmitter

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