200,000 Litre Galvanised Steel Water Storage Tank (36ft x 7ft 6in )

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The 200,000 Litre Galvanised Corrugated Steel Water Storage Tank is made from high grade corrugated steel sheets, delivered to you in kit form to be erected on site. Each Steel Water Tank Kit comes complete with all fixings required and a strong water tight lining kit. Our galvanised corrugated steel tanks are approved to Construction Products Regulation CPR305- 211-EU and are CE marked to EN1090. This relates to the grade of steel used in the manufacture of the steel panels and conforms to current UK requirements for installation. Our Corrugated steel water tanks can be built on any firm, flat ground free from debris, or on a suitable concrete base.

Tank Body: Main structure comprises 0.80m x 3.01m panels of corrugated G450 galvanised steel, punched and curved to suit the tank size. Galvanised round headed bolts, washers and nuts are provided to assemble steel panels to form a ring to required diameter and height. The top edge of the steel is protected by a circular plastic capping piece.

Tank Lining: A fully welded watertight bag sized to suit the tank. Manufactured in either 1.00mm thick EPDM or Butyl rubber with all vulcanised joints to suit the required application. The liner is held in position at the top of the tank by clamping between two capping pieces and locking into position using spring clips. 

Tank Fittings

  • Outlet BSP(M) through tank outlets provided. Outlets are bolted to the tank body and sealed to the tank lining and available in 1", 2", 3" or 4" (fitted at 140mm from ground level, unless different is required/requested)
  • BSP(F) Brass Gate Valves are available for use with the outlets available in 1", 2", 3" or 4" .  The position and number of outlets is decided by the customer.
  • Copper Float, Ball Valve And Bracket Set available in 0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.25", 1.5"or 2"
  • Pre Drilled Inlets in sizes 1", 2", 3" or 4" (fitted at 140mm from eaves level, unless different is required/requested)

Tank Specification:

  • Capacity: 201,726 Litre 
  • Diameter: 11980mm - 36ft
  • Overall Height: 1520m - 7ft 6"

Option Extras

Tank Roofs

  • None - Can be used "open top"
  • Anti Algae Cover - Water permeable, lightweight polypropylene meshed cover in black with HDPE monofilament.  Allows rainwater to pass through, but stops debris from falling into the tank.  The woven material also prevents sunlight passing through limiting algae growth.  Supplied with periphery eyelets and bungee cords to secure to the tank.
  • Floating Quilt Cover - Helps minimise debris build up in your tank with 400 Micron PVC cover packed with built in flotation bubbles. Cost effective way to help restrict algae growth and UV stable, durable and lightweight. The covers are easily rolled or folded for storage.
  • Steel Roof - Galvanised G600 sheet steel with lockable manway, bolted to the tank, suitable for all environments and where tank security is paramount. Installed in approximately 4 hours.

Water Tight Liner (vulcanising all seams; heat welded. As a result, the liners are much stronger than taped or glued liners and have a greater expected lifetime.)  2 choices of water tight liners:

  • As standard: 1.00mm EPDM Rubber tank liner has a 10 year guarantee. Our EPDM liners have an expected working lifetime of 20+ years. EPDM rubber is a great budget priced choice for an easy to install flexible and strong watertight tank lining.
  • Upgrade to: 1.00mm Butyl Rubber tank liner has a 15 year guarantee. Our Butyl liners have an expected working lifetime of 30+ years. Butyl rubber liners are overall the very best choice in terms of value for money, durability and strength.

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