10000 Litres Rain Water Tank

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Our 10000 Litre Rain Water Tank is rotationally moulded from high quality MDPE and comes with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. This NON Potable (Not Suitable for Drinking Water) is Made In Britain and is frost proof so it will not crack in cold temperatures, making it ideal to store water outside.

This 10000 litre rain water tank is suitable for collecting and storing rainwater.

This high capacity water tank comes with a 24" screw down vented lid; this can be upgraded to a lockable lid if required (see optional extras). This 10000 litre Rain Water Tank comes complete with a 2" BSP outlet and 2" plastic valve; this is sent loose (not fitted) with the tank to avoid any damage during delivery. The outlet can be upgraded to larger brass fittings if required (see optional extras). On top of the tank are four possible fitting areas that can allow fittings up to 4". Access to the internals of the tank are by the 24" (600mm) vented lid on top of the tank; this is also to be used for general maintenance as required. 


  • Capacity: 10000 Litre (2200 gallons) 
  • Height: 2500mm
  • Diameter: 2400mm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)
  • 2" Brass Outlet as standard supplied loose (can be upgraded; see options)
  • 2" Plastic Valve Included, supplied loose (can be upgraded; see options)
  • 600mm Screw Down Lid (can be upgraded; see options)
  • Tied Down points for Handling and Manoeuvring
  • 10 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Optional Extras - Only popular options listed on site however many more options available, just email hello@thetankshop.co.uk with your requirements 

  • Outlet: Supplied with a 2" brass outlet (supplied loose). Upgrade available to 3" brass outlet (supplied loose). 
  • Valve: For the 2" outlet option the tank will be supplied at no extra cost with a 2" plastic isolation valve (if upgrading the outlet to 3" a 3" isolation valve will be required).
  • Lockable Lid: As standard supplied with a 600mm screw down lid (upgrade available to a lockable plastic).
  • Rainwater Filter: 2 Options - VF1 Combi Filter; suitable for roof areas up to 450m2 and can be installed inside or above the tank. Clean water is directed out of the bottom of the filter, making installation easy. Dirt and debris are washed sideways and can be directed to a soakaway or sewer using 110mm pipe. Twin Filter; Suitable for larger roof areas up to 800m². Due to its two step cleaning system, it has a high level of filtering efficiency, independent of flow rate. The steep inclination of the filter cartridge means dirt is continuously cleaned away into the sewer.
  • Pump & Tap System: This system pumps water from your rainwater storage tank to a wall mounted tap. The HydroForce Series 3 is a British made, electronically-controlled, pressure-sensitive, centrifugal roto-dynamic pump with no reciprocating parts. Max head (nominal) 35 metres, pump pressure (nominal) at outlet 3.5 bar, max suction 3 metres. It comes with two-year return-to-base guarantee.
  • Mains Water Back-up: Fitting a Partfill Valve will ensure that you never run out of water when there is little or no rainfall. The Partfill Valve is a high flow valve which will automatically use mains water to maintain a set level of water in your tank.

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